With Age Comes…

As a kid I often felt invisible
As an adult I wish I could be invisible
As a kid I didn’t know my worth
As an adult I feel worthless
As a kid I was too shy to talk
As an adult I am too anxious to talk
As a kid I was a scaredy-cat
As an adult I have fears
I may have aged
but some things never seem to change

4 thoughts on “With Age Comes…”

  1. You are welcome to my house where nobody has to fear. I am a grandmother of nineteen (19), and love them all.

  2. No, actually I am only where my biological grandchildren are twice a year, when we go home for visas. My “busies” are In my adopted homeland, where I take care of other people’s children–by the hundreds! Those “adopted” children have taught me a lot about life and love. ❤

    1. “Adopted” families are great whether it is kid, parents, grandparents or brothers and sisters… the families we chose are indeed special.

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