Hopes Dashed

A moment of faith
Actually trusting someone
The concept was foreign to her
He said he was a friend
He said he wanted to help
He said she could rely on him
She gave in
She believed
She waited for him
It was a waste of her time
He proved to be like the others
A liar at heart


More Than Luck

Hold tight the talisman
Close your eyes
Take a deep breath
Surround yourself with hope
Feel your wishes
As they come true
Within the realm of dreams
And when you open your eyes
Believe you will see
The changes before you

Evening Stroll

His hand in mine we walk in the park. It is a warm evening just nearing dusk. The trees sway in a gentle breeze. We stop by a large oak tree and he leans towards me and kisses me softly. Taking his hand he tenderly caresses my cheek and kisses me again. This time he lingers and I feel his warm breath against my skin.

I take a deep breath and say we should continue our walk. He whispers, “Just so we can get some where more private.”

I let out a little laugh as I blush a bright red.


(100 word challenge)

The Path To Love

Patience –
Waiting for you
To be true
Leaving me blue

Hope –
Wishing for more
With your hand on the door
Me crying on the floor

Pain –
I continue to cry
Hurting to say goodbye
Aware you wouldn’t even try

Awakening –
Beginning to see it was best
Your love was in jest
My life regained zest

Love –
I began to look to me
For a feeling that was free
And filled me with glee