Mumbles… Inchoate

I really enjoy writing and have used the daily writing prompts as a good place to start most days. But this particular prompt (yes, I am a day behind as this was yesterday’s prompt) has me stumped. I must admit I had to look up the definition of the word inchoate and my Encarta Dictionary says it is “1.Just beginning…2. Imperfectly formed…3. Chaotic.” That sound like the way to describe a rough draft of writing. It is only the first draft or the beginning. There (at least for my first drafts) are probably typos or imperfect text. And the shift in direction can be rather disjointed or chaotic in a first draft.

Feeling like I could not come up with a poem about inchoate was my first thought. And I am still trying to feel confident in writing fiction. So I guess the only way I was able to write about inchoate was just some more of my rambling mumbles.

Now off to try to catch up on more post reading and writing for today’s word prompt.

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