She stood by the window
Shining as bright as the sun
He had come home
Now she could share the news
To his shouted greeting
She replied with joy
And rushed to be by his side
He said she looked radiant
She blushed and spoke
In one breath
She shared the news
They soon would be parents
Their family was growing
Pride, love and excitement
All washed over him
Together they embraced in joy
All three of them


I wait by the phone.
Maybe today is the day
You will think of me,
And say hello.
Three holidays now
Have passed without word,
No greetings from you.
But I still believe
What once used to be
Is not dead as it seems.
My friends say it is toxic
To hold onto this dream,
Of a future of you and me.
Maybe it is?
Maybe it’s time
To finally let go?