Mumbles … HELP!

Well I feel I must apologize for a couple of things. One of course is that I have been way behind on reading post, but I am also a little behind on writing, which brings me to a problem. I said at the start of this year that I would do the daily word prompts all year… that is now not going to happen with word press stopping the daily prompts, among other things. So here is where you can help me. I need daily inspiration to write… do you know of a daily prompt or challenge I could use to keep the creative juices flowing? If so I would love for you to add a link in the comments. It may end up that I just do a couple of weekly prompts and fill in the rest as my muses will allow. I am sad to see the daily prompts go… but some of them were not even good triggers for poetry. Maybe this is a chance to expand on my fiction writing too. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

Now I need to get back to reading and think a little on archaic… is there a poem with such a word? Only the muses know! Have a great day/night!

10 thoughts on “Mumbles … HELP!”

  1. Reddit does a daily writing promo challenge I found them to be a bit… not my style. Otherwise I haven’t found a good source online either. I hope you find the motivation to keep writing though.

  2. Have you seen the ones I do which are don’t buy Michelle they are really good and I found them more inspirational than the WordPress ones. All of me in between posts I’ve been doing this month have a link to those prompts on them and she’s pretty good at making sure that there is a whole set done a month in advance. They are also on a theme as well so you get into a bit of a flow on certain things. They are definitely my favourite prompts about

  3. On a Monday there is the ronovan writes haiku prompt. Tuesday its colleen chesebro Tuesday tanka. There’s 100 word Wednesday and Thursday its sue vincents writephoto prompt.

    There is also the Friday fictioneers and stream of consciousness Saturday.

    Also look for one word photo challenge….

    If I’m ever in need of a good prompt then they are all great ones to do and have a good following and a decent community that support them with great people who hosts them

  4. I am thinking, now that WordPress is abandoning its daily one-word prompt, of starting my own. If I do, which won’t be until June 1st, feel free to piggyback.

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