Nothing Special (FOWC)

People have called me
But I don’t feel
I deserve this kind of praise
No kudos for me
I did what had to be done
I just sat back
And let the doctors do the work
No I am not fearless
Cancer scared me to the core
And still haunts me
From time to time
I am human
And all I know is now
I am still alive


I often discussed this with a fellow cancer patient and we agreed we really didn’t DO anything, except follow doctor’s orders.  Sadly she lost her battle to ovarian cancer about 10 years ago.  She is still missed.  I will be approaching 15 years since my breast cancer diagnosis next month and I appreciate every day I get!

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – kudos

14 thoughts on “Nothing Special (FOWC)”

  1. Like everyone I have lost friends to cancer. My best friend left us in 2009 and I miss him a lot. We only have today, tomorrow is scheduled but stuff happens. Shalom and thanks for digging deep in all your poetry–that’s what I like the most. TR

    1. So sorry to hear about your friend. It is something I would love to see cured in my lifetime, but probably wont sadly. I try to write from the heart… thank you for your continued support Terry!

  2. Cancer is scary. I lost both of my parents and one sister to cancer. I’m just wondering when my turn will arrive and how I’ll deal with it. Not very well, probably. I’m no hero.

    1. It definitely can run in families. You would probably do better than you think. Keeping a POSITIVE attitude throughout the treatments is key I think.

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