Merry-Go-Round (FOWC)

I will not placate you
I will not ease your troubles
I will not set you free of anger
Because I no longer ride
That never-ending merry-go-round
Your life is your own
I will no longer be a part of it
My focus is on me and my life
I will no longer be your puppet
You and her will be happy together
Until she drains you dry
As you slowly drain her
Drink by drink


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – placate

A Pina Colada Day (FOWC)

The breeze is warm
Feeling moist on my skin
The sand is hot under my feet
The sun beats down
Coloring my skin
A cold drink in my hand
Quenches my tropical thirst
As I sit down in my chair
I am content to watch the waves
As they roll over the beach
In my little dream of paradise


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – tropical

You Are So Much To Me (FOWC)

You’re my rainbow
After a storm that threw me about
You’re the sun
On a cold winter day that was harsh
You bring me hope
When the day is long and I struggle to stay afloat
You’re my friend
When I am lost and feeling so alone
You’re my passion
When the world turns bitter
You bring me love
Just because you care
To say it in simple terms
You are my future…


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – simple

Yours (FOWC)

Take my heart
It’s already yours
I wont need it when you’re gone
It will be something picayune
So rip it from my chest
It only beats for you
I don’t need it for survival
For there is nothing left of life


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – picayune

Live (FOWC)

Let me live
In a primitive hut
On a deserted island
Away from the past

Let me live
A day in peace
Folded into seclusion
Away from my demons

Let me live
In the silence of solitude
On a hope and a dream
Away from your grasp

Through my fears and pains
Losses and gains
Just let me live


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge – primitive

Mumbles … Inertia (FOWC)

The Encarta Dictionary defines inertia as “apathy, inability or unwillingness to move or act…” I can relate to that. My depression has kept me pretty quiet and “out of the loop” the last week or so. I have certainly had the unwillingness to do much of anything. Even reading has seemed like an unreachable goal, and now I am 2 to 3 days behind which makes the possibility of catching up even more unsurmountable.

Depression takes the fun out of anything and everything. It drains energy and leaves me feeling alone and useless. It has been a challenging to just do daily tasks, something more like harnessing my creative muses seems impossible. But I made it through the last of the Word Press prompts and this is my feeble attempt at writing for the new daily prompt from Fandango (Fandango’s One Word Challenge or FOWC). I do hope you take a look at his challenge and join in.

In the meantime I am finally moving forward some and concentrating on making it though this wave of depression. I have the support of my doctors, family and friends that I cling to at these times. I hope you forgive me for not keeping up like I should. I promise to read all posts and complete the prompt challenges as my energy levels will allow. Thanks for being patient with me.

Take A Look

If I take a look at what’s gone by
The good, the bad and in between
I see a retrospective of my life.
If I take a look at who I’ve know
The kind, the fake and in between
I see a family of my own choosing left standing.
If I take a look at where I’ve been
The ups, the downs and in between
I see a series of roads that led me to you.
If I want to look inside
The happy, the sad and in between
I see a woman who had no choice but to grow and shine.

(I really struggled with this one, I think I was afraid that there is nothing to come after I finished this prompt.  But I have found different places and ideas of how to continue.  I first of all have to catch up on reading posts (I have been struggling a little this past week.)  Then I can start this new journey to creativity… I hope the muses like it!  And you too!)