Mumbles … Balance

It is near the end of the time originally planned to stay with my Dad. It has been hard to keep my life in balance while I am helping him out. Thankfully my boyfriend has been very understanding while I have been gone 12 hours a day. Of course a lot of that time he would be asleep, but I still miss him.

Dad is doing better. He is still having issues with shortness of breath but the pulmonologist is happy with his scans so it is just what he has to deal with now I guess. I am sure if he would put down the pipe and cigarettes that would help. He has one more visit from the physical therapist on Friday and then we decide how much help he still needs and how much help he can afford… home health aides are far from free.

My sister and I have talked about maybe him having some help three days a week then we each get two days… that would be easier on all of us. It is just a matter of seeing what Dad wants too. I know being a night owl has been hard on him with people coming in to help out in the morning,

So I try to spend time with both my Dad and my boyfriend and I get to throw in a little me time to keep my sanity balanced, or at least attempt to. And it is once again time to post this, pack up my stuff and head to Dad’s. I will me back to try to catch up more tomorrow. I hope you all have a good night/day! (((HUGS)))


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – balance

5 thoughts on “Mumbles … Balance”

  1. I’m glad to hear your father is doing better! It’s a real challenge to find time for everything, including yourself. I hope you all can come up with a workable plan.

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