Bus Stop

I stood by the lamppost with a certain bit of dread around me. The streets seemed too deserted and a fog was rolling in. It felt like a scene out of a Stephen King book. I was headed home and waiting for the bus. I hoped it was running a little early tonight, so I could get off this dismal street.

I faintly heard footsteps from somewhere in the fog. I squinted to focus, but it did no good. I listened and found which direction they came from, but there was still no image to accompany the sound. So I listened and tried not to let my imagination run away. The steps were louder and definitely getting closer but I still could see no one approaching.

The distant sound of an engine gave me hope the bus was on its way. But the footsteps still echoed louder as if they were merely feet away. I began to see the outline of the bus and was relieved at its sight. Those footsteps seemed so close and had me on edge.

The footsteps sounded like someone was about to approach me. I surveyed the fog once more and saw nothing but the oncoming bus. As it came to a stop I heard the footsteps shuffle then stop. The bus doors opened. I started to move. Then felt a cold chill pass through me as I heard the foot steps start again, this time stepping into the bus. This couldn’t be real, there was no one there. The driver smiled at me with a crooked grin and said, “Care to come aboard the midnight express?”


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – lamppost

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