Mumbles …prompt

I have not been very prompt with the daily writing challenge I do. I fell way behind when Dad was in the hospital and I am still a week behind. But I had plans for this day’s post. It was going to be my challenge to work in a birthday post around the word for the 17th… but I am not feeling good for my chances with “prompt” as the word of the day. I am just going to make this two posts in one basically then. One about how I am still trying to catch up, and one about birthdays. …please stay with me for a while.

Most of my computer time used to be in the evening and night. Now with being at Dad’s overnight I am having to sneak in moments during the day to work on the prompts. I still have to do my day to day things (cleaning, errands and the necessary resting that comes from fibro) and try to fire up the brain to write at a time of day that I have not done much writing for awhile. I have faith I will get this done.

I am still going through your posts one by one trying to get to the next challenge. I am hoping that by mid November I am back at home and a little more caught up. Dad sees a neurologist soon and has another sleep study planned… if we can knock out some of his confusion and memory issues things will be better. If we can’t and that is just the new norm, we have to come up with something more permanent to do for him.

Now October 17th… best day of the year! Ok, so maybe it no longer holds that place of honor it held as a kid, but I still enjoy my birthdays. I went through cancer 15 years ago and can honestly say birthdays are not bothersome to me, they are a blessing. I have fought to stay here on this earth so I am kind of proud of each of my 52 years. I know… gasp! Shock! A woman admitting her age older than 29… it is unthinkable. I am a true believer in age being a state of mind. Sure there are some really bad fibro days where I hurt and ache so much I swear I am 100, but I do occasionally get those days, or at least moments that I feel like I am in my twenties again. Those days are precious and make the rest of them bearable.

This year, as is usual, I spent the day with family. We went out to eat and I watched my boyfriend eat a heart attack on a bun… no seriously this burger was called The Defibrillator. It was a half pound of hamburger, onions, lettuce, tomato, sauce and topped with cheese curds. He said it was really good, but only got through half of it in one sitting. The company was great, the food delicious and it almost felt like a “normal” day, until I had to go back to Dad’s and stay the night with him again.

In my family we have almost always had at least a big family dinner on birthdays, do you have any special things you do on your birthday still or is it just another day? I grew up with it being a super special day and I strive to keep that magic alive for those I care about. I still mail birthday cards and letters for those far away. I get together with friends to celebrate too. As a matter of fact this week I am joining two friends to celebrate my birthday and one other this month. I feel you have to have some days that are special… shouldn’t one of them be the anniversary of your birth?

To all you October birthdays (especially the Libras as they are the best… LOL) I hope you have an extra special day! It is after all the best month of the year!


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – prompt

10 thoughts on “Mumbles …prompt”

  1. Glad your birthday was special. My husband and I still celebrate birthdays with cards and usually dinner at a favorite restaurant. It’s still enjoyable, even after all this years!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday dear friend! I loved your line, “heart attack on a bun”! Funny but true. Having been through open heart surgery, I would not wish it on anyone unless it was to save a life. I’m so sorry that I missed your birthday and that you are hurting. 😢

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