Mumbles … Impose

Impose is “force to accept or take advantage of” according to my pocket dictionary. Most often I hear it in the form of take advantage of. Someone coming over doesn’t want to impose upon you to stay for dinner. Or be an imposition and spent the night during a storm.

(This is where I go off course a little bit) A storm is possibly coming this weekend. Normally that wouldn’t mean much but we are celebrating our Thanksgiving on Sunday as my boyfriend works retail and my daughter in the food service and both business are open on Thanksgiving. So we have just decided not to fight it and have Thanksgiving on the weekend.

Now this year we are seating 5 people at our tiny kitchen table (need to move an office chair in so everyone has a seat) and 3 of those 5 live out of town. So I have been watching the forecast and in the last two days we went from 10% chance of snow, to 20% chance and now today the forecast I saw was for 80% chance. UGH! I really want everyone to make it to dinner. I would not mind them staying the night if they got stranded – we have two recliners and a couch that would accommodate them… and it would not be an imposition.

So I will keep my eyes on the weather map and hope to see everyone for a late Thanksgiving. I send out hopes that all of you had a very happy Thanksgiving and are surviving any Black Friday shopping you are doing!

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – impose

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