The Handsome Stranger

1 – Fluid

The light flashed on her dashboard, “Service Engine Soon.” That was all she needed now, a car repair bill to heap onto the pile of unpaid bills. “Maybe it is something minor that can wait another week.” she though.

As she turned the corner, she was so distracted, she about hit some guy walking. She showed him a slight smile and mouthed the word sorry. He approached her car as she pulled into a parking space. Getting out of the car he said, “Do you know you’re leaking fluid?” She felt a big relief that was all he had to say, and maybe she could scratch the car repair off her to do list sooner than she thought.

“I am so sorry sir, I wasn’t paying attention earlier. Thank you for noticing the leak.” she said as she looked into his brilliant blue eyes.

He smiled and said, “I have some things to do, but I can help you real quick and take a look under your hood to see if it is a hose.”

She stepped back to her car door and unlocked it saying, “Sure if you have the time.” It turns out that moment of accepting his help would be the biggest mistake of her soon to end life.

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – fluid

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