Good Home

The sign said “FREE to a good home” and when she saw it she squealed with delight. “Oh Daddy, please can we get a puppy, please, please!”

“I’m sorry Rachael, your mom is allergic,” her Dad said in response.

“But I will keep him in my room and take care of him and vacuum all the time. Oh please?”

“Rachael this is something we would have to talk to your mother about. Not today.”

“Can I call Mom and ask her?”

After fifteen minutes on the phone she handed the phone to her Dad. “Mom wants to talk to you.”

Rachael smiled and waited for her Dad to finish on the phone. As he hit the end call button she said, “Did she say it was alright? Can we get one?”

Her dad grinned slightly and said, “Yes, but you have to take care of it.”

“Oh Daddy, I will. I promise!”

Peering into the box of puppies she exclaimed, “They are all so cute how can you pick one?”

“How about the one with the big black spot on his head?”

“We can name him Bulls-eye. Oh thank you Daddy, he is so cute!”


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – free

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