Madness At Midnight

night seeps into the day

devouring the light

shadows grow in all corners

doubts take hold

knowing I wasted another day

slowly the demons gather

as madness draws me in

distorting all hope and happiness

I am convinced

I destroy all I touch

anxiety consumes

leaving only me to blame

as I grow quite mad…


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – madness

11 thoughts on “Madness At Midnight”

  1. Very good!

    There should be a special group of poets that write clear, simple, easy to read Poems from the heart!

    Not page after page of wordy, words that mostly only impress the poet.

    I may be wrong as I often am.

    But that’s my opinion!

  2. I agree with your first commentor. I nevr have to take an aspirin after reading your work.
    And I never feel you arer trying to impress with your writing. You are you. Your writing is you.
    A very refreshing poet.

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