Mumbles … Whitewash

Getting ready to write for whitewash I searched the word definition for some inspiration and found out something I didn’t know.  Growing up anytime we played a game (typically cribbage) where someone walked away with a win, we always said the person skunked the loser, especially if their score was zero.  We applied it to all walk away wins, but that is also apparently an informal definition of a whitewash.

So, as I get ready to clean and repair my Dad’s house, I may have to think of whitewashing the walls; that is after we clean off years of nicotine stains.  But there is nothing about Dad’s past that will need to be whitewashed or covered up.  And I will always remember the fun games we used to play fondly; even the ones where he whitewashed me.

That about covers everything… a real whitewash write.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – whitewash

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