Are You Ready

Sam turned to the doorway and yelled, “Did you get the gift order done yet?  I want that done before we leave tonight.”

David was sitting at his computer and he hated when she yelled across the house to him.  Would it kill her to walk over here and talk to him?  “I am at Amazon as we speak,” he yelled back to her reluctantly.  As he scrolled through the pages of golf gift, he thought to himself, “I should just order something for me too.  She will never notice.”

Just then she popped into the doorway, “I’ll be ready in 3 minutes, how is the order coming,” she asked.

“Just getting to the right page,” he said worried she knew he had been looking for himself.  He blushed slightly and sighed, getting back to the golf gift for Sam’s Dad.

Sam popped back into the doorway announcing she was ready.  “And how about you?  Are you ready?”

David clicked a few keys on the computer and said, “Just checking for the confirmation email.”

“Good, now take me out to dinner, you handsome man.”  And with that they walked out of the room.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – order

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