Fading Flutters

I know he’s coming.  I can always tell.  It not like I’m psychic or anything.  I just have always been able to tell when he is near.  Mom says it’s because we were meant to be together.  My sister calls me Radar because of it; from that old TV show about the army hospital in Korea.

But I also know he is coming because he is almost always about five minutes early.   He hates to be late.  And tonight will be no different.

It was different though.  I began to be unsure if he was close.  I had felt him coming but now there was none of the usual “flutters” he gave me. Maybe he had to go back for something he forgot and he will call or text soon.  I picked up a magazine to read, but suddenly felt a sharp pain in my side.  It was strong enough I called out in pain.  My mom came to see what was wrong.

“What’s wrong dear?”  She asked as she came into the room.

Clutching my side I gasped and managed to get out, “Something is wrong.  I think it is Tom.”

Mom looked at the clock and said, “it is just now 7 o’clock, he will be here any minute.”

“No,” I said.  “He would have been here five minutes ago, but something is not right.  I need to call him.”  I took out my phone and punched his name.  It rang and ended up in voicemail.  “He is not answering.”  I grasped my side tighter as another pain shot through.

I was panicked, sure this was bad.  Then as suddenly as it started the pain stopped.  I sat up straight again and tried his number again.  It rang once and someone answered, “Hello?”

“Is Tom there please?” I asked the unknown voice.

“This is Sgt. Chris Houge of the Carroll police department.  I’m afraid there has been an accident.”


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – radar

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