What Ails You

Fever, headache and a cough

I don’t feel well at all

I know it’s more than the flu

So searching I will go

Enter my symptoms

Hit the diagnosis button

And oh my god I knew it

My brain is hemorrhaging

This could be it

Or congestive heart failure

This list goes on and on

… don’t panic

Maybe I should be more specific

Add another symptom or two

Now its surely something horrible

Keep scrolling down

The truth is there somewhere

By later tonight I might die

From a computer diagnosis

Instead of planning my funeral

I guess I will give the doctor a chance

A chance to save me

And give a second opinion

Because even a sliver can look like death

If it is entered right

On a symptom checker


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – symptom

5 thoughts on “What Ails You”

  1. Bravo. h, I had an ex who looked up all symptoms online. She swore she had every disease ever discovered and a fewe undiscovered ones as well. Worse than that was when she researched the side affects of her meds. Damn. She would suffer from every single one. I used to tell her if place Skittles in a medicine bottle and listed a dozen side affects, she would get each and every one.

    Damn this was a long comment. It is your fault, your poem resonated.

    1. I take full responsibility for the long comment (LOL). Yeah, I have known people like that before too, it is always the worst thing on the list. 😉

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