A to Z Challenge – Cancer

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C is for Cancer

I found something… that’s what I told my husband.  Of course I had already found the lump weeks before that.  I kept quiet because I didn’t want to ruin our anniversary and I couldn’t see worrying him if it was nothing to worry about.  But when it went past a mammogram, to an ultrasound, and then a needle biopsy, I wanted, no needed, someone to lean on.

The doctors would call me just hours before I was going to go out of town for the weekend and tell me the results were “worrisome.”  I scheduled an out patient surgery and my journey with breast cancer at just 36 began.

I battled through chemo and radiation.  Lost my hair and wore mostly funky bandannas.  I slept, a LOT.  The fatigue was intense.  Worked through almost all of it.  And discovered some friends that really stepped up to help me.

It was almost a year from discovery to the end of treatments.  But now I can say I am a 16 year survivor.  Grateful for every year I get!


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