A to Z Challenge – Equine

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E is for Equine

I love horses!  One of those things on my bucket list would be to be able to see wild horses running free.  Horses remind me of freedom.  Which is really kind of odd considering most of my encounters have been with horses that are fenced in.

My fondest memory of a time with horses came with a friend who was like a big sister.  We rode our bikes to an area where the local college kept horses.  And we would pet them and scratch them and occasionally bring them treats.  It probably was against some rule but no one ever said anything to us.  I remember coming home with dirt caked on our hands from rubbing the horses so much.  We even had names for them.  Good memories!

I also have a bad memory of horses.  One night with a former boyfriend, we were headed home, came up over a hill to find horses all over the road.  They had gotten out of their fence and were every where.  He tried to stop and avoid them only to run almost head on into one and hit one with the back of the truck.  At nearly 55 mph on the highway the horse did not survive.  We looked for the other one but it was no where to be found.  And my boyfriend and I were pretty lucky.  I had a couple of cuts and bruised my chest from hitting the dashboard (no, we were not wearing seat belts…. we were VERY lucky) and he was bruised by the steering wheel.

Just a handful of time have I actually been on a horse.  A couple of times as a kid at the carnival where you ride a pony in a circle.  Once with a friend from school whose aunt had horses.  And once with a boyfriend whose friend had a horse.  I wish it was more times.

If I ever win a big lottery, I am buying a horse… well I guess I should start with a farm or ranch where I could keep him, but then second thing I am buying a horse.  They are such beautiful creatures!


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