A to Z Challenge – Higher Power

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H is for Higher Power

I may regret this one, they say never talk about politics or religion, and I rarely do.  This is a very personal thing to me.  For years I didn’t know how to sum it up, then I started going to Alanon and heard a “higher power” described as anything having more power than you.  It could be science, nature, music, God, etc.  Without going into great detail, let’s just say this idea clicked with me.

I grew up with a Mom who was VERY against organized religion as her grandmother gave away her life savings to the church.  I have always found it odd that reading the same book can bring about dramatically different views on what it means.  So in that same sense I don’t believe in organized religion – it is just another form of a social gathering really.

My Dad tended to lean to more scientific evidence.  How can you argue with the facts right?  I still didn’t fit in 100% with no God, no higher power so, I still searched.  I liked the stories of the Gods for different areas in Greek, Roman and Norse mythology.  I liked the views of Mother Earth and Father Time.  I pulled a little bit from each of them.

Like I said the higher power theory stuck a chord with me.  At the time I was doing a lot of soul searching and taking walks in nature (parks, lake, trails).  I could go from total chaos dealing with an alcoholic, to a relative calm in nature hearing the birds sing and crickets chirp.  It was an “awakening.”

Now I say I do believe in a higher power.  I am still not sure of his/her/its name, but I know there are things of beauty in nature that just take my breath away… something is responsible for that and I am eternally grateful for that higher power.


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