Hickory Haven

The Barbecue restaurant was a great place to get a job as a waitress, everyone in school knew that.  Amy was so excited when they called her and said she had an orientation in two days if she still wanted the job.  And, she did.

The tips were by far the best part of the job.  Amy began to save for her first car.  The other kids were all caught up in the social scene, but she was all about work and saving for the future.  Amy got along with the other waitresses, but even after only 6 months there she learned there was a high turnover rate.  Many high school and college kids who were leaving at the end of the semester would once again leave them short staffed.

Amy being the industrious girl she was, went to talk to the manager one day about the high turnover.  “I think if you offered more benefits, people would have incentive to stay,” she said.  “Especially a benefit that grows.  Like maybe an IRA or 401K.”

The manager liked her ideas but would have to pass the idea by the owner.  That would be the true test.  Later that night when the restaurant closed the manager approached Amy and said, “Gabe likes your idea for a 401K but knows they are only worth it for full time employees.  What do you think would keep part-timers to stay?”

“Maybe a discount on food.  College students always need food my sister says.  Maybe a half-price when they are starting or finishing a shift and 20% off any other time.”

The manager smiled and said, “You’ve got a real good head for business. Maybe I should look out before you take my job.”  They both had a chuckle and went back to closing duties.  Amy thought to herself that maybe that is what she wanted, a job in management.  She smiled as she continued to sweep the area.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – turnover

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