A to Z Challenge – Night Owl

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N is for night owl

I am a night owl.  I come from a family of night owls.  My Dad used to work the 11 to 7 over night shift and mom would often be up late listening to the scanner while he was working.  So, I grew up with a night time influence.  As we were getting ready for bed, Dad was just getting up and starting his “day” so, we wanted to stay up later of course to talk to Dad.  Some times Mom let us get away with it, but not often if it was a school night.

On the weekends and during summer vacation we didn’t have a set bedtime that I remember.  I remember so many nights trying to stay up late enough to watch the Creature Feature of TV.  I rarely made it that late and I probably would have been too scared to sleep if I had.

As I became an adult I tried to work night shifts as I would be up late and sleep in.  But the real world is not built for night owls and I did struggle to get to work when I had morning shifts.

I do still struggle with mornings.  I am a light sleeper but anything before 10 usually has to be done with multiple alarms set.  I am usually up until about 2 in the morning.  And I really like the quiet to think.  I feel some of my better writing happens after midnight.

As midnight approaches I draw on reflections of the day.  I take time to read, to write and sadly some night deal with my demons.  But I am sure I will always be a night owl.  I’ll be 75 in the nursing home with the radio on at midnight tapping my toes and wishing I could still dance to the music.  Are you a night owl too?


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18 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – Night Owl”

  1. I’m the opposite. I’m an early to bed, early to rise kind of guy. And while I’m healthy, unfortunately it hasn’t made me wealthy and wise.

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