The Demons Of Darkness

As the shadows grow deeper

Anxiety takes hold

Doubts fill my head


As the darkness creeps in

I am prone to depression

I likely will be afraid


As the night takes hold

I feel completely alone

Nothing gives me comfort


As the hours last forever

If I’m lucky I find sleep

For it is my only escape


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – prone

5 thoughts on “The Demons Of Darkness”

  1. If you can escape
    you’ll escape
    dreams being sweet
    and you’re not a coward
    a tactical retreat
    because everybody needs
    a good night sleep.

    When darkness approaches,
    why let anxiety takes hold?
    and why being prone to depression?
    if you have the luck of sweet dreams.
    Don’t forget
    luck is what we create
    when the right mindset beams!

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