Honesty Please

I’m so tired of this…

Can’t you be more forthright

And tell me what you want of me

We run in circles

Trying to please each other

And getting no where

We are lost in the chaos

Of two lives grown apart

But you won’t talk to me

To try to solve this problem

You only buy more flowers

And shower me with gifts

Just be honest for once

And clearly state your case

Do you even still care for me

Or am I just taking up space


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – forthright

4 thoughts on “Honesty Please”

  1. This is so real. Funny how couples prefer to dance around an issue or problem allowing things to escalate.
    So many relationships end because of people unwilling to talk about the difficult things,. Ignoring it will not
    make it go away.
    Sorry, for my long comment. I guess this one resonated with me.

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