Mumbles … gratis

This was a tough Father’s Day, and I expected it would be.  At least I was still able to connect some with my Dad.  I am buying out my sister’s half of Dad’s house and moving in nine days.  In the meantime, we have to clean out and do some repairs on the house built in 1920.  We started with the kitchen but ran into problems and more work than we originally planned.  But now it is down to the trim to paint and the floor to replace.  Would be great if it was done before we move, but I am doubting that now.

Today was about moving things out so the window people can come in and measure for new windows.  So, we had a couple of tables, an entertainment center, a dresser and a few odds and ends we were getting rid of, and boy were the “bargain shoppers” out today!  We had people looking through all the stuff we were putting to the curb for garbage.  The pile of gratis items did shrink some before we left for the night.  I imagine there will be less tomorrow when the trash-man comes to collect it all.

I got to see the physics paper Dad got a B+ on today, some old photos of him, and a cool sign he got when he retired from the police force after more than 40 years.  I got to be reminded of his woodworking skills as we moved things from the bedrooms, he had done a lot of work on.  Smiled when I saw some jokes he had hung up by his desk.  It was kind of another trip down memory lane and so I feel I was still close to my dad today.  And with all the stuff we put to the curb we made a few people in the neighborhood happy.

I hope all you fathers out there had a great day.  And everyone should cherish your Dad… you never know how much time they have left.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – gratis

4 thoughts on “Mumbles … gratis”

  1. This post has me with moist eyes. It was touching that you were so connected with him on Father’s Day.
    Parents aren’t forever. I always remind my friends of this. As painful as it must be, cherish these moments
    that you still connect with him.
    May he forver rest in peace.
    May your heart find comfort and the love he felt for you.
    Big hugs.

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