Mumbles … vampire

This is an interesting choice for FOWC today, but the timing is pretty good.  Just last week Thursday I was looking mindlessly through the TV channels to see if there was anything worth watching.  And I came across the Decades network and their broadcast of the old gothic soap opera Dark Shadows.  My mom used to love to watch that!  I also remember my sister and her friend watching it during the summer.  I remember the show, but I think it is more through stories and the book my mom had about it.  I was born the year it started and only 5 when it went off the air.

For those of you not familiar with Dark Shadows, Barnabas Collins is cursed by a witch and bitten by a bat… as far as I remember the stories, he is then led to suffer a life of eternity as a vampire.  I have only seen 4 episodes so far and I have seen the tarot cards, the witch, the (high quality special effects) bat attack and Barnabas fading in and out of a delirious state.  His wife (the witch) claims it is the plague.

I am loving this flashback to the very early days of my life.  And to add more to the timing of this word.  Hollywood Vampires just performed on The Late Late Show with James Corden.  But not a single one of them sparkled!


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – vampire

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