Caught Staring

He walked across the room and heads turned.  I can’t say I wasn’t affected by his bewitching good looks, I looked too.  I sat at a table in the back waiting for my date.  I began to watch his moves with interest.

He went to the bar and laughed at something he or the bartender said.  He had the kind of a smile you couldn’t help but return.  I wished I was closer so I could hear his laugh.  The bartender handed him his drink and waved off his payment pointing to a woman at the end of the bar.  He smiled and started her way.  I suddenly found myself envious.

The woman had a regal beauty about her.  She was the kind of woman this man would like to have on his arm I guessed.  But while he was talking to her, he still seemed to be scanning the room.  And almost as quickly as it had started, he ended the conversation with her.

He walked to the near side of the bar towards the back.  There were only about four or five tables in this area, all but mine filled with couples.  Before I realized what I was doing, his eyes met mine and I was caught staring.  I instantly blushed and dropped my gaze.  When I thought enough time had pasted that his gaze would be off me, I looked up again.

I was stunned to find him walking to my table.  I was so embarrassed and worried my date would show up and see him here and then turn around and walk out; that was just my kind of luck.  I began to look towards the door, it was still about ten minutes early to when he was supposed to meet me.  Maybe there was still time for me to keep my date.

I cleared the lump in my throat and started to say something when he asked, “Are you Leslie?”

I about fell out of my seat, was this my childhood friend I hadn’t seen for thirty years?  I stammered out a “Yes.” He smiled and said, “Don’t you recognize me?”

I began to see the same mischievous look that my friend had and I asked, “Is that really you Dan?”

He laughed and the sound warmed my heart.  He had a very distinctive laugh that had not changed at all.  I stood up and threw my arms around him.  Now it was time for all the other ladies in the bar to look at me envious.  This was my Dan and tonight would be more fun than I knew.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – bewitching

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