Onion Cake

She turned to her mom and asked, “What does Donkey mean, ‘onions have layers, ogres have layers?’”

Her mom looked at her daughter and said, “It means there is more than meets the eye.  Shrek is a complicated character as most people are and there are many layers of his personality that make up the whole ogre.  Do you understand?”

“Kind of like how your tummy has rolls in it, that’s layers?”

Her mom cringed and then laughed a little, “That is a different kind of layer honey.  It’s more like you like to spend time with both me and your Dad.  But you also like to play with your friends.  You like to sit quiet and read… those a just a few of your layers.”

“I have layers too?”  she asked. “Oh, I know… it is like the cake you made last week that had three layers of frosting.  That was yummy layers!”


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – layer

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