Meow (That’s Cat For Thank You)

He was an outspoken man who always seemed to have a cause to fight for.  Right now, he was an advocate in his own home seeking a chance to make life a little better for his four-legged family.  He recently acquired a cat and the apartments policy on cats dictated that they had to be declawed.  If you know anything about this process you know it is cruel – basically cutting off a part of the cat’s toe to stop growth of the claw.  He stated his case, explaining this painful and confusing treatment and miraculously he won…he’s my cat’s hero.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – advocate

9 thoughts on “Meow (That’s Cat For Thank You)”

    1. Almost all the apartments I have ever looked into in this area have that restriction. I have seen dogs do just as much if not more damage to apartment with their paws and they don’t have those kind of restrictions.

  1. My last two cats were outdoor cats, so they definitely kept their claws. They were boss of everything in the yard. They even took cues, so if skunks were fair game (one was shot) they targeted them too.

    1. Growing up we had cats that were declawed (we didn’t know any better) and would panic when they got outside. But they still managed to bring home their prey off and on.

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