The young lady sat in the chair with her eyes closed.  “Aren’t you going to look at it” the older woman asked?  She too was in a chair behind the counter at the tattoo shop.  “I’m afraid if I watch it will hurt.”  The woman chuckled a little, “it really doesn’t hurt.  And these are just such small tattoos you will be done so fast there is not much to watch.”

The lady slowly opened her eyes and gave out a little squeal, “It kind of tickles.”

“See I told you and look, he is already done with mine.”  She held out her arm for the lady to see.

“It is so cute,” the lady said.  And just as quick hers was done.  They had gotten matching frog tattoos on their arms, mother and daughter.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – tattoo

8 thoughts on “Ribbit”

    1. It doesn’t really hurt. The closest I can compare it to is the “discomfort” of a mild sunburn. I had more problems with the healing process and it’s ITCHES driving me crazy.

    1. I think a lot depends on the person and where they get it done. My daughter has two and said the one on her arm stung a little more than the one on the back of her neck.

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