Coupon Queen

The manager approached the customer and cashier and heard the cashier say, “Here he comes.”

The customer drew in a breath and mumbled, “About time.”

“Yes ma’am, you wanted to speak to management?”

“Yes, this cashier will not take my coupon.”

“Well let’s take a look at it.”

The cashier handed the expired coupon to the manager, “I’m sorry ma’am, but this coupon is expired the end of last month.  We cannot accept it because the company will not credit us for it when it is expired.”

The customer grabbed the coupon back out of the manager’s hand and loud and brusque she replied, “They have taken them before.  I will just use it somewhere else where I am appreciated for my business.”  And she walked away from the register.

The next customer in line said, “Some people are never taught basic manners and knowledge.  I hope you don’t get that often.”  The cashier finally smiled again and the manager said, “No, not often.”


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – brusque

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