Mumbles … Cash

Well I was hoping to speak to you as a newly achieved millionaire, but the casino was no where near that kind to us.  We had a set amount of cash to lose and only lost half of that… so we may not have been on the positive side by we did alright for a couple of days of fun.  The sound of the slot machines tried to bother my anxiety, but I was able to take my meds with and that got me through being over stimulated and dealing with a crowd.  We even got in on a special promotion and “won” a casserole dish.  (getting excited about a casserole dish, man I live a boring life!)

The special “fantasy suite” was amazing – a rain forest room.  Not sure which I wanted to bring home more the whirlpool tub or the shower with 15 programmable jets.  Going in the middle of the week it was nice and quiet.  We went down for the free breakfast and there was no one else in the lobby or the pool as we walked by.  I think that is the way to escape.

Now I am playing catch up.  Catch up on my sleep (I have napped everyday since we got back) and beginning to catch up on Word Press.  I still need to get to the laundry, but my boyfriend has been repairing the stairs to the basement, so I have stayed out of his way.

So once again bear with me, I will make it to your posts and comments eventually.  I am reading and writing as fast as I can.  (((HUGS)))


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – cash

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