Fandango’s Friday Flashback – October 11th

This week I am back and only about an hour late for my time zone, but since Fandango is in California it is still technically Friday there and I am not late.  Regardless this is my FFF.

This post was originally posted on October 11th of 2017 here.  It seems like so much longer ago than two years, but I remember writing this one.  So now I share with you…

Unbridled Desire

What was I thinking?

That I could tame you?

That I had a chance

To capture your love?

To harness that emotion

That has always run wild?

They were pointless dreams

Filled with you and I

That only made me hope

I could subdue that spirit within

That drove me to love you.

It is time to wake up

And just enjoy the fact

I saw that natural passion at play.


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