No Ransom

I am tired of things the way they are

Still terrified to change anything

My life has been kidnapped

By this damned disease

Any time I start to feel better

It backfires on me

But I am getting stronger inside

And soon I may have what it takes

To turn things around

To put ME first for once

No matter how many down days I have

I know the good will return

It is just so easy to be jaded

By the days that are hard


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – jaded

5 thoughts on “No Ransom”

  1. I was diagnosed with MS three years ago. Jaded? The pain, the neuralgia, twitching, tremor, spasticity , heat intolerance, fatigue followed by insomnia, balance issues, brain fog. I’m not only jaded, I’m pissed, I feel very alone with this disease,.

    But most days, I’m able to laugh, attempt to be positive and be grateful for waking up still above ground.

    BUT IT AIN’T EASY!!!!!!!!!!

    Jaded for days.

    1. I know two people with MS – brother and sister. She has had it since she was in her 20’s (about 25 years) now her brother got his maybe 5 years ago. She still does a lot, he is in a wheelchair and needs help 24/7. I don’t know why the disease is so unfair. I have fibromyalgia with a lot of the same symptoms. It can truly SUCK! But each day is good in some small way at least. Thanks for commenting Laurie, and hang in there!

      1. Leigha66….so happy to have read your response. This is a very misunderstood disease. Like a snowflake, MS affects everyone differently. There are about 100 different symptoms. I’ve probably had it for 15 years before being diagnosed, I also have cervical stenosis which only makes matters worse. As you know with your Fybromyalgia, there are good days and bad days. You just soldier through and most of the time , you just have to—as Bachman Turner Overdrive once warbled, “let it ride”.

        I’m so sorry about your brother and sister. Hate hearing that. But they’re both probably like you….practicing gratitude and knowing as bad as it is, it can still get worse, if that’s possible

        It’s a lonely disease. I’m the youngest of three sisters and it intimidates them even though I’m still ambulatory and independent. Save for my fading short term memory memory, my handwriting and occasional but temporary bouts with the blahs, I’m the same old Laurie, just not quite as active.

        Anyway, I wish you the best and that goes for your siblings as well. If you ever need to talk, I’m a blogpost comment section away.

        Please take care and thanks again. Finding people who truly isn’t easy eith, sadly.

      2. Oops I must have worded it wrong, they are not my brother and sister just long time family friends. But I truly am thankful for your well wishes. I also wish you the best. Us spoonies need to stick together! (((HUGS)))

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