But What Does It Really Cost You

Sadie over at Keep It Alive  shared a blog started by Dr Tanya of Salted Caramel.  It explores the question of what blogging cost you, not financially, but in other areas.  Sadie opened up the questions for everyone and I thought I would take a shot at them.

And here we go with the Cost Of Blogging Questions…

  1.  Does it infringe upon your leisure time? I guess you could say it has replaced some of my leisure time.  I used to read books at night, now I read blogs and write a little.
  2. Worse still, does it distract you from your work/studies? I don’t have a problem with this one since I don’t work due to disabilty.  But I suppose there are days I am reading blogs instead of doing the laundry or other chores.
  3. Is it taking a toll on your personal relationships? My relationship is not perfect but it is often when he is either asleep or at work when I blog.  So, no.
  4. Has your health suffered? I think it the opposite.  It helps to keep my mind a little sharper  maybe.  My health was pretty poor to begin with so there was not much blogging could have done to make it worse.
  5. Have you gained weight? This is hard to say.  I started blogging when the stress of my life and health had me in a corner.  Since then I have discovered I have fibromyalgia that does limit my exercise to a certain degree.  But I also was diagnosed with depression and anxiety and put on meds for all these conditions which could also be responsible for weight gain.  So I have gained weight but I am not sure it is directly related to blogging.
  6. Do you ever get writers block? YES!  I think it is worse with certain prompts that I write for… the words don’t always work well into poetry.  So, I have broadened my writing to include more fiction.  If all else fails I can do a good stream of consciousness blog.
  7. Have you ever suffered from blog-related stress or blogger burn out? I get stressed when I fall behind in my blogging and reading.  Take this post for example it was written the 16th, I probably saw it the 17th and wanted to answer it, but didn’t really have time until today the 21st.  That stresses me out.  Burn out… no.  I try to keep trying new things and have written poetry for YEARS so I know that will never stop.  I try to make new goals every year to try a little something different if I can.  But that is also why I like the daily prompts, because they are never the same.


So this concludes my views on the cost of blogging… how about for you?  Do you pay a heavy price for the blogosphere?  Please share your answers and feelings!



8 thoughts on “But What Does It Really Cost You”

  1. Good answers! Blogging is a way of expressing and to vent out the negative emotions we are experiencing. So I would say it makes us feel better.

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