In The Nick Of Time

She ran down the hall afraid she would be late.  The first bell rang three minutes ago so she had two minutes to dash down the hall and upstairs to get to her class on time.  She was just furious with herself for having hit the snooze button on her alarm.  As she went up the stairs she realized no other students were still in the halls.  It was eerily quiet.  Mr. Hampton always stood at the door to close it right when the second bell began to ring.  She bounded up the last few steps and saw Mr. Hampton at the door.  He looked at her, then at his watch.  About two feet from the door the second bell began to ring out through the empty hallway.  Mr. Hampton said, “Miss Taggert I expect you to be here on time tomorrow.  I will let it slide this time, but you will not have that luxury next time.  Now take your seat.”


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – expect

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