New Year’s Tag

About a million years ago… ok, more like two weeks, I was tagged by Sadje for this New Years Tag.  I am slow but I finally got around to answering it.  Let’s start with the rules…

  1. Share a link back to the person who tagged you – Sadje
  2. Share a link to the person who created the tag – jesusluvsall
  3. Share a favorite New Year’s memory.
  4. Answer the questions of the person who tagged you.
  5. Tag whoever you want.
  6. Use any picture that you like for New Year’s.

One of my favorite New Year’s memory is when we traveled to see my family in Omaha over the holidays one year.  My uncle knew of a bar having a New Year’s bash and thought it would be fun if we all went.  So it was me and my sister, Mom and Dad, my Aunt and Uncle and my other Uncle… we all got there and were given teardrop stickers to put on our cheeks.  The band playing was called Cry Baby, so that explained the stickers.  I remember dancing and laughing and seeing everyone else so happy.  It wasn’t long after that when my Mom got sick and we never had another New Year’s like that again.  And I was pretty young and totally crushing on the guitar player, although I don’t remember his name.  Forever known as the Cry Baby New Year.

people toasting wine glasses
Photo by cottonbro on

Now the questions….

1.If you could celebrate New Year’s anywhere, where would it be.

I would really like to have a New Years party at home with family and games until midnight.

2.What is your favorite snack food for New Year’s?

Can’t go wrong with the classic chips and dip… but I also love a good veggie tray with dip.

3.Have you ever kept a New Year’s resolution? If so, what was it?

Can’t say that I have ever kept one, so I stopped making them years ago.

4.What do you want to do with your blog next year?

Pretty much the same I have been doing… if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

5.Do you prefer a big party or a small gathering to celebrate?

A small gathering for sure.  If they can’t all sit down in my living room at the same time, it is too big a group.  We can comfortably seat 7 max.

And this is when I am supposed to tag others, but it is so late in getting this done I will just allow anyone who wants to share to feel free to do so.

Oh, and HAPPY New Year!



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