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Today has been a challenging day.  This would have been my Dad’s 84th birthday.  He has been gone almost a year now and I miss him so much.  Tonight, my boyfriend and I played a few games of cribbage.  Dad taught me how to play.  I think that is one of the things I miss most about him.  We would play cribbage, scrabble, do jigsaw puzzles and trivia games.  It is that and some of the most basic things I miss.  I haven’t done if for like 40 years, but I remember as a kid getting his coffee ready in his thermos every night before he went to work on the grave-yard shift.

Simple everyday things can bring back floods of memories.  One of the things I miss a lot is how he would raise one eyebrow at you in question of what you just said or did.  He would shake hands with someone, and I could see the tightness of his grip whenever he did so… he had big strong hands.

But it is not just Dad I am missing tonight; I miss my Mom too.  She has been gone longer and it still hurts as bad.  Tonight’s prompt I am writing for triggered a flood of memories about Mom.  I have had long hair most of my life.  And when I was growing up, I can remember many a day sitting still (or trying to) while Mom would brush my hair to get all the rats out.  I would often beg her to stop when my hair was a particular mess, but now I would give anything to have her brush my hair once more.

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I never knew how badly it would hurt to be without my parents.  I fear I took for granted the time I had with them.  But I do little things like the cribbage games tonight, to try to keep the happy times fresh in my mind.  Have you ever lost someone you were close with and felt you should have spent more time with them?


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – brush

14 thoughts on “Mumbles … Brush”

  1. I fear the day when this happens to me. Ever time I see my parents they look so much older than the previous week. Just the thought of not being able to drop by or pick up the phone and call them terrifies me.Besides my husband they are my best friends. Honestly I can’t believe the pain of not having them around would ever weaken. I’m sorry for your l;ones.

  2. My parents have been gone for decades now, but I still think of them. I think it’s all too common to not appreciate the people in our lives when they are still with us. We need to slow down and take time each day to show those we love that we care.

    1. I think one of the things that comforts me a little is I had just told Dad I loved him in a clear moment for him the day before he died. My mom however had frustrated me the last time I saw her before she died. She was not following doctors orders and I had to give up arguing with her that the doctor did not want her to take her medicine as often as she was.

      1. Yes, it’s hard when that last contact wasn’t as positive as you had hoped. But I do believe, in the big scheme of things, she certainly knew you loved her, based on your interactions over time.

  3. Melancholy memories and sadness when you think back at your parents who are no longer with you. But at the same time, it also brings back priceless memories as well.

  4. I’m sorry I’m just catching up with this, my friend. I’m so glad you had you cribbage games in his honor. That was a wonderful thing to do. My Dad has been gone nearly 40 years. I still feel he’s standing right behind me as I plant my garden. My Mom has been gone almost 15 years and she is still everywhere I look. Everything reminds me of her. Try to remember the good times you had instead of being sad about the time you didn’t spend with them. I’m sure you are a great daughter and they appreciated you so much.

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