The Gift

The diamond bracelet sparkled in the display case.  He knew it was the one she had talked about.  This was going to be the best Valentine gift he had ever gotten his wife.

An employee walked over to him and asked if he needed help.  “Well I want to inquire about this diamond bracelet.  Can you tell me how much it costs?”

“This is a beautiful yellow gold tennis bracelet.  This one,” she said, “Is on our Valentine special.  It is $1540.”

He had been thinking $800 to $900 but was a little off on his guess.  He had just enough in his savings account but would have to take an advance from his boss to get through the rest of the week.  He turned to the salesclerk and said, “wrap it up please, my wife is going to love it.”


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – advance

7 thoughts on “The Gift”

  1. I’m late in reading this, but I’m trying to catch up as best I can. A nice story of love and very appropriate for the upcoming Valentines Day holiday.

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