Mumbles … Predicament

white toilet paper
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The shelves are getting bare here.  There is no hand sanitizer at the local Walmart.  The cleaning solutions aisle is about empty.  There are no face masks.  And don’t get me started on the toilet paper aisle.  If people keep hording these things there are many people who are going to be in quite a predicament.  Why do people panic and buy out the stores?  If you are not in a high-risk group you may get COVID-19, but you will survive it most likely.  I don’t have all the numbers and stats even though I have read them in the past.  That is not what this is about.

How much toilet paper does one household need?  Why haven’t the stores put limits on how much people can buy?  I feel sorry for those who really need it – like someone going through a colonoscopy prep.  There are just some things you need softness for.

In all seriousness… now is a time to think of others.  Take only what you need and leave some for the rest of us.  Stay healthy everyone!


*Oh and as a final note that was the only toilet paper picture on Pexels free link here… it bothers me because it is on BACKWARDS! 😲


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – predicament

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