No Longer Dependent

****Warning – possible triggers about domestic violence****


NO ONE is alone … get help

monochrome photo of woman s face
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She was his woman

She was his toy

He liked to dangle love

In front of her

Then rip it away

With callous words

And a slap of the hand

He never hit with an open fist

So she gave him

Many second chances

After all it was not like

He had raised a fist

Then one day

The hand balled up

And her jaw got broken

She was alone and desperate

She would no longer

Be dependent upon him

She would no longer be his toy

She found a shelter

And life and love again

Never looking back


Again… NO ONE is ever alone.  Call, get help, there is always hope on the horizon!

Image result for national domestic violence hotline

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – dependent

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