A to Z Challenge – G

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The letter G…

I think I was pretty lucky growing up.  When I was a kid my sister and I would travel to spend two weeks with my grandparents.  We each got a week alone and then shared one week together.  And while there one of out weekly events was going to my great grandma’s house to visit.  I remember playing dominoes with her while waiting to hear her cuckoo clock chime on the hour.  Then probably when I was about 10 or so my other great grandma came to live with my grandparents.  She was an amazing woman and I was often told I inherited her love and ability to craft things.  I only have limit memories of my great grandfather.

I also got to spend time with my grandma who lived here in town.  Only thing was spending nights at her house I was unfortunate enough to “have to” take a spoonful of cod liver oil… Just the thought gives me shivers. But she had the best garden with wonderful fresh raspberries, and it was often in summertime we would help her pick them – pick one, eat two is more like it!

I only had my grandpa on my Dad’s side of the family.  He was pretty strict but mellowed in later years.  Anytime I see a squirrel I think of him and his battles to keep them out of the bird feeders.  Also, when I get upset, I recall a phrase he would use that I have never heard anyone else say – Well doesn’t that just frost you?  Have any of you heard that before”

The time I spent with all my grandparent and great grandparents is time I will always treasure, yes even the memories of cod liver oil.  My only regret is that I never knew my mom’s dad as he passed away when she was still young. So, my grateful G is grandparents, I miss all 5 of them very much.

8 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – G”

  1. I’ve just read a few of your posts. I think I ‘found you’ on Fandango’s comments. I like your writing, your story telling.

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