A to Z Challenge – I

The letter I…

Some nights are easy to write from the heart, some nights are all about my thoughts and dreams, and when I feel there is nothing left, an idea will come to me.  I have found inspiration from things around me.  Ideas can hit out of the blue – looking at a tshirt with a bird on it, a pack of gum at a store, a pile of mail on the table and so on.  Some days the ideas come fast and it is all I can do to write fast enough to keep up (but hey, my typing skills have improved over the years of blogging).  Other days I see a prompt and have to think about it for hours before the idea will form.  In the number of years since I have been writing (since I was in junior high) you would think I would run out of ideas at some point, but the words in one form or another always seem to come.  And for that I am grateful I have more ideas in me still.

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