New Hope

My head is throbbing

To the beat of my heart

Both are too fast

Am I coming apart

I feel I’ve lost you

To another so pretty

That alone here I cry

And wallow in self pity

If only I’d done more

Then you wouldn’t have strayed

But I believed in your love

Up until I was betrayed

So I dry my tears

And stand up tall

I wont let this break me

I will not feel small

So forgive me if I don’t

Stop to kiss you goodbye

I really don’t believe

Those tears in your eye

Now I am free of your hold

That had me believing

If ever we’d part

I would forever be grieving

I face the world now

With a new kind of hope

And the lessons I’ve learned

Have helped me to cope


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – head

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