No Kill Shelter

Sheryl was determined.  Determined to make a difference.  The story on the news had her furious.  It was about the local animal shelters plans to euthanize nearly half of the animals they had there due to over crowding if they didn’t get a rush of adoptions soon.  This led her to do some investigating.

She found the city councilman who was pushing for this method of clearing out the shelter, was the owner of the local hardware store.  Sheryl had an idea.  She would launch a boycott of his business in the name of animal rights.  Problem was she didn’t know where to start.  She had a friend who was an activist in college she kept in touch with and decided to give him a call.

With her friend’s help they launched their boycott on a Monday and by Thursday’s council meeting they had a large presence at the meeting and the councilman was open to discussions.  The final vote would be the next Monday and the boycott had been working, business had slowed down.  The day before the vote the store was open noon to four and there were picketers outside the store.  The picket lines convinced at least a dozen customers to turn around and not shop there.

The boycott was successful, and the councilman changed his vote keeping the shelter a no kill shelter.  To celebrate Sheryl organized a bake sale at the shelter which brought enough people in to adopt that the over crowding problem was solved.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – boycott

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