On Tonight’s Agenda

Ogden, UT

The meeting in city hall was packed.  There was a group there representing the people of town with little voice, the homeless.  The group was indignant towards the mayor’s treatment of the poor.  The mayor was pushing a new city ordinance that would ban the homeless.  If anyone was caught “camping” in town they would be either escorted out of town or put in jail for breaking the ordinance of no sleeping outside of your own backyard.  There were a couple of places the homeless usually slept under a couple of the city bridges.  They were quiet, they didn’t bother anyone and a couple held down minimum wage jobs.  The group that came to this open meeting at city hall and were very vocal in their distain of this proposed ordinance.

By the time the whole group had spoken the meeting, it was well past 10 pm and the council, to the dismay of the mayor, decided to take the idea off the table.  The group left feeling proud they had done something to help out the homeless.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – indignant

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