A to Z Challenge – R

The letter R …

One of the few things I would be lost without is my music.  That used to mean my transistor radio I won for selling Camp Fire Girls candy.  As I grew so did my radio up to a boom box in the 80’s.  Then there seemed to be a shrink back down in size to an MP3 player.  Of course, my car has given me many hours of music with my radio.  And when I bought my “new” used car I got a sample of satellite radio.  Lots of channels to choose from, especially off of my laptop!  But I am not going to pay to hear my music other than the occasional CD or downloaded album.

I am happy with my local radio stations.  And several of them are accessible through the internet as well.  I often let my favorite station play while I write.  I can listen to oldies, songs from my youth (70’s and 80’s), millennial hits, or todays favorites.  I listed to country, pop or rock.  But whatever music I am in the mood for, it can be found with my radio and I grateful for that.


And as an added bonus here’s an old track I bet many of you have not heard…

4 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – R”

    1. Sadje have you had any problems with your comments? Reason I ask is your likes show up in my notifications but not your comments and they are not in spam. I have to go through the actual posts. Not sure where the problem lies. I get all my other comments fine. Puzzling!

  1. I love having music on throughout my life as well – I sometimes get distracted writing with songs I like on, so I often try to do instrumental or something I am not familiar with. Thank you for sharing a song 🙂

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