A to Z Challenge – V

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I have been writing for a long time.  One of my first poems I wrote for myself was a reaction to a book I read, No Language But A Cry.  I wanted to be a voice for this infant that was severely abused by her father.  She never spoke until her teens.  I wanted to stand up for those who did not have a voice…. I had big dreams then

In the nearly 40 years since I started writing for me the sheer volume of poetry I have written would be staggering if I took the time to count them.  I know in high school I had already hit 200.  The dream of me writing for a book would have to be issued in multiple volumes.

So when I write I don’t have any set pattern I follow.  I am a free verse writer for the most part.  I do occasionally dabble in lyric writing with verses and chorus.  And over the years since I have done the daily prompts I have expanded my vocabulary some.

You by now have figured out I am very grateful for the variety of things I have accomplished so far with my writing. Now If I could just be the victor of a writing contest.


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