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I’m not like the women you’ve know,

I’m far from a size five beauty.

I have never been seen as glamorous

Or a prize men would love to win.

You say I really caught your eye

And that you are intrigued;

But more and more I feel that I

Am less than what you need.

You reference the women of your past,

So how can I compete;

When they are still on pedestals

And I am so, well,


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – reference

12 thoughts on “Me”

    1. To be honest, it is just the way the poem flowed. I didn’t plan it to write an enjambment. Actually had to look it up even. Thanks though, I am glad I did it well.

    1. Sumyanna! Welcome back!!!!! I was just wondering about you the other day when I was watching something on the 2020 virtual graduations. Wasn’t your daughter about to graduate when you were on here last? Anyway… glad you liked the poem! …so good to see your name again, you have been missed! 😊

      1. Well, my oldest just finished her first year in college and the second kiddo is going to be a senior this year, so thankfully not yet 🙂 She is going to take a college course next semester because she will be done with all her high school requirements and her second semester will be all college work. It should be exciting – and thankfully, if we do “do normal things again” her college campus is right next to my other daughter’s. Oh, and as for missing someone – I have truly missed you bunches. I was so looking forward to finally logging on to see how you were doing 🙂 hugs and stay safe!

      2. Things are about the same for me… it is my daughter whose life is hopping. A wedding to plan for January, a new house to move into with a mortgage payment attached and all while being store manager at the coffee shop where she words. I am so proud of and happy for her! I am staying safe as I rarely go any where. I hope you do the same! (((HUGS)))

      3. Well, I guess congratulations are in order. See – your hard work has paid off 🙂 As for staying home… that is exactly what we are doing. We only go walking in the evening when everyone is indoors.

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